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Each of our water purification water systems is equipped with LG technology and employ a nine-stage purification process through a state-of-the art reverse osmosis or ultra fine purification process, but it also restores nutrients to the water that enhance your body's ability to hydrate. This filtration process sanitizes every last drop of water.

The purification process balances the water's PH levels by enhancing with minerals to boost alkalinity, provides a supplemental nutrient boost, and even adds immunity detoxification to protect your employees' health. The result is cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water, that increases workplace efficiency by providing your workers with proper hydration.

The Wellsys Difference
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Pure Water Concept
Hands-Free Water Dispensers

Touch-Less Hands-Free Hydration Solutions for Your Workplace During COVID-19 & Beyond.

Ensure your employees, members, guests, or students stay healthy and hydrated with our safe and sanitary Water Refill Stations.

Safe & Healthy Sanitized Water

Our Technology Sets Us Apart From Others

Click below and see the 9 stages of the Filterers Purification Process step by step.

Purification Process

WS Touchless-Dispense Foot Pedal

With Covid-19 concerns, Wellsys has gone touchless.  

Wellsys® models are equipped with a variety of features that are designed not only to purify water but also to promote its sanitary dispensing. The following are a few of the sanitary features included in our equipment.

Antimicrobial Resin: embeds an antimicrobial material into key surfaces of its equipment. The material releases silver ions, which inhibit the growth of microbes.  

Advanced Reverse Osmosis Filtration with Colloidal Silver: Wellsys machines are available with reverse osmosis (RO) purification, the most advanced form of POU filtration available. RO reduces virtually all contaminants in the water, including dissolved solids, bacteria and viruses. Our 5-filter system includes our proprietary Bio-Sure Plus™ filter which adds alkalinity to the water and helps maintain its cleanliness with colloidal silver. Wellsys filters are certified by IAPMO in accordance with appropriate industry standards.

Sediment Air filter: Wellsys machines are among the only units to incorporate advanced 1- micron sediment air filtration. Wellsys filters are specially designed to reduce air impurities that might otherwise enter the water.

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